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DISCLAIMER: satellite receivers are for Free-To-Air use only and are warranted only against manufacturer defects for such use. We do not provide support for piracy or any illegal third party software/server that is used to support such efforts. Placing third party firmware on any of our receivers will void our and the manufacturer warranty. does not condone, support or provide warranty for any attempt to circumvent satellite signals that are not public (Free-To-Air or FTA) signals. All receivers sold on this site are manufactured and sold in order to pick up educational and local FTA channels across the world that the provider does not charge for. When you buy a receiver you can be assured that it will be shipped with the latest factory approved Free To Air firmware available from the manufacture.

Please do not call or email asking to provide technical support for issues that do not relate to factory specifications.

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We are happy to announce that the

2015 Jynxbox Ultra HD V16

Are now in stock.  


JynxBox Ultra HD V16 with jb200 NEW   2015 Model New design




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Dreambox 500